TESLA ARCADE. Rolls Out With Auto Gaming & Videos!


Tesla Arcade

Tesla has announced rolling out chess in Tesla Arcade, with its new ‘Arcade App’ aimed at providing car owners with the chess game, however, it’s also understood the company began the practical process of ‘Arcade’ app precisely for its in-car infotainment system last month, held at the annual E3 gaming conference, and has eventually elevated it to most thrilling ‘Chess’.

Meanwhile, not only on ‘Tesla Arcade’ but the electric car company has also moved to deliver NETFLIX and YouTube as an in-car video streaming services which the company CEO ‘Elon Musk’ has gestured would equally be accessed in Tesla cars. This news comes below the first.

Based on reports and as we know, the game of chess isn’t the first game on Tesla’s infotainment systems, Tesla has quite a number of them coupled with hidden software features. The company started to showcase this in its showroom so as to enable visitors to try it out.

The game on ‘Tesla Arcade’ is designed in a way that a Tesla driver can play against the car or against its passenger or the car against itself. But the best and most appropriate way to play its chess game is when the car is parked. Another game was equally announced by Tesla, the ‘Beach Buggy Racing, a game you wouldn’t play while driving, played with Tesla steering wheel and allow the use of two (2) controllers at a time that will enable local multiplayer with a single passenger, equally got updated.

In another development from Tesla, a report from the company states it will “soon” deliver its in-car video streaming service, earlier mentioned by the company’s CEO ‘Elon Musk’. Though it was initially shared by Elon Musk via its Twitter feeds last weekend, but had earlier last month, during E3, that Tesla’s infotainment display will be enabled in order to access YouTube and streaming video.

Previously, Elon Musk had said the version 10 of the in-car software would support general video streaming, but with the latest development, it will specifically deliver YouTube and Netflix. And the video streaming will only be available when the car has stopped, however, this could potentially change once the reality of self-driving cars is actualized.

Responding to this, Elon Musk said, once full autonomous driving capabilities are “approved by regulators”, will it be used while driving.

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