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The latest Samsung Galaxy

The latest Samsung Galaxy development from South Korea as announced recently by a Korean news outlet of their next-generation smartphone to be launch soon. Based on this, Samsung is getting ready for the world’s first-ever true foldable smartphone in its Galaxy X series, and it is expected soon. Samsung has equally disclosed that they will be coming up with Galaxy Note 9 later this year with its price tagged and it may be disclosed later in this post.

According to a report from South Korean news outlet ETNews, which claims that Samsung has entered its final stage of preparations for the production of foldable screen panels. This is specifically going to be mass production of these panels, source claims.

It has been rumored that Samsung is eager to be the first smartphone manufacturer to launch the truly foldable smartphone. No surprise, since the South Korean scientists, was the first to achieve the world’s first ‘imprintable’ and bendable battery. As such, it should be released latest February 2019.

The other side of this story which makes it interesting is that it is Samsung, a display manufacturer, that is going into mass production of such types of screens. This suggests that Samsung could also be responsible for screens production for other phone manufacturers. It (Samsung) already does this for current phone screens as a go-to OLED manufacturer. Samsung aims at being the first-ever.

In another development elsewhere, some other tech giants have raised awareness of their foldable smartphones due to be available 2019, these include Apple, Motorola, Huawei and LG, and will be brought to you later.

Samsung Galaxy X is expected to feature 4.5 inches as a front screen and a foldable internal display of 7.3 inches.

As promised earlier, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, is one of the latest introductions from the smartphone giant. Samsung was pleased to inform the public of the device’s hardware and features. This news was first made public through, by a Russian tech reporter Eldar Murtazin, of Samsung devices. The reporter had access to the device and evaluated the hardware.

Galaxy Note 9 appears to be identical to the Galaxy Note 8, meaning the design changes were not much, with horizontally orientated dual rear cameras. Note 9 has its fingerprint below the phone rear at the front view. There is a report that the phone will be the major handset to embed a fingerprint reader under the screen and that will help to free up space.

That is not even enough because Samsung wants to go further than having the fingerprint below the screen. It will be including the front-facing camera, iris scanner and the face recognition system under glass as well. Firmware has revealed that two versions of the Note 9 are to be expected, and they are expected to be modeled with the Exynos 9810 chip and Snapdragon 845 chip, but this depends on your region.

According to a report that Galaxy Note 9 battery capacity would be 4000mAh” and to compliment this, Samsung is working on a new faster charger that has been certified by the FCC.

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