THERESA MAY RESIGNS, In Tears After Losing Authority!


Theresa May resigns

Theresa May resigns as pressure mounts to deliver Brexit, seen from the British people and the members of the house of commons. The British Prime Minister publically made the announcement this morning while addressing the public of her passionate effort to deliver Brexit.

She began by narrating how she emerged, “Ever since I first stepped through the door behind me as prime minister, I have striven to make the United Kingdom a country that works not just for privileged few, but for everyone, and to honor the result of the European referendum”.

“Back in 2016, we gave the British people a choice against all predictions that British people voted to leave the union. I feel uncertain today as I did three years ago that in a democracy if you give people a choice you have a duty to implement what they decide. I have done my best to do that, I negotiated the terms of our exit and the new relationship with our closest neighbors that protects jobs and security, and our union. I have done everything I can to convince and peace to back that deal. Sadly I have not been able to do so, I tried three times”.

“I believe it was right to persevere, even when the odds against success the same time. But it is now clear to me, that it is in the best interest of the country for a new Prime Minister to lead that effort. So I am today announcing that I have resigned as the leader of the Conservative Party and the Unionist Party on Friday 7th of June so that a successor can be chosen”.

“I have agreed with the party chairman and with the chairman of the 1922 committee that the process of electing a new leader should begin in the following week”.

Also, Theresa May spoke painfully, as she said, “Whatever our background, the color of our skin or whom we love. We stand together and together we have a great future. Our politics may be under strain”. And stated clearly how great the United Kingdom is structured.

“The second female Prime Minister! But certainly not the last, I so with no ill will but with enormous and with enduring gratitude to serve the country that I love”. She said as she went in tears.

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson tweeted, “A very dignified statement from ‘Theresa May’. Thank you for your stoical service to our country and the Conservative Party. It is now time to follow her urgings: to come together and deliver Brexit”.

Scotland’s first minister ‘Nicola Sturgeon’ has called Boris Johnson a “hypocrite” for paying tribute to the outgoing British Prime minister. Nicola Sturgeon stated clearly in her tribute, “I wish Theresa May well. She and I had profound disagreements – not least on her handling of Brexit and her disregard for Scotland’s interests. However, leadership is tough – especially in these times – and she deserves thanks for her service”.

Adding that, “Her departure will not solve the Brexit mess that the Tories have created. Only putting the matter back to the people can do that. Given current circumstances, it also feels deeply wrong for another Tory to be installed in Number 10 without a General Election”.

 They were expectations of the Prime minister been under pressure, but as Theresa May resigns as the leader of the Conservative Party, she stated clearly her effort. Based on this, the French President ‘Emmanuel Macron’ is understood ready to work with a new British Prime minister, but demands clarity on the United Kingdom’s approach on Brexit. However, he said, “Our relations with the United Kingdom are critical in all areas. It is too early to speculate on the consequences of Theresa May’s decision”.

The leader of the opposition party ‘Jeremy Corbyn’ while responding to Theresa May’s resignation, called for an “immediate” general election. The leader of the Labour Party also said, “She has now accepted what the country has known for months: she cannot govern, and nor can her divided and disintegrating party”.

The burning injustices she promised to tackle three years ago are even starker today. The Conservative Party has utterly failed the country over Brexit and is unable to improve people’s lives or deal with their most pressing needs”.

“Parliament is deadlocked and the Conservatives offer no solutions to the other major challenges facing our country”.

Now the British people are given an opportunity of a general election or continue the Brexit process with a new Prime minister.

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