THINKSMART VIEW, Lenovo’s New With Microsoft Teams!


ThinkSmart View

The tech giant Lenovo recently introduced ThinkSmart View, a distinct product that promises Google Assistant-style smart display purposed for an office setting. This comes with the company press release on ThinkPad X1 Fold, equally a unique device that is understood to be the world’s first foldable PC.

The new device promises to be a less expensive smart display audio or video conferencing device. Based on this, the system will practically be powered by Microsoft Teams instead of housing Google AI. This concept is really fascinating, adding that it’s a way for offices to offer up a devoted Team’s audio or video conferencing device at a very small amount while serving the same purpose as that of other enterprises.

The ThinkSmart View will practically make the most sense of a small conference room, small businesses on a higher budget. And this is based on the fact that manufacturers are looking beyond bedrooms, while on the other hand, individuals willing to use this device on a private note will be bent on intense utilization of this device as a way to justify the cost of its purchase.

The Echo Dot is a similar device in this space, which comes in different color schemes coupled with the LED display viewed as a new feature introduced to Echo Dot with time. Its display includes a variety of things and not excluding the time. While its Alexa app could be set as 12 or 24-hour clock.

Since we are considering the display functionality, Echo Dot LED display brightness could be custom set through the Alexa app, alternatively turned off completely as desired by asking Alexa, ‘turn the display off’. But when you ask it to start a countdown timer, the LED displays the time left, and in the same vein, when you ask it of the weather, the device will show you the temperature.

Meanwhile, the cost of Echo Dot is $59.99 while the ThinkSmart View is expected to start from $349 or $449 (including a pair of Bluetooth headphones). While the benefits of the later as figured out is the quick access to Teams meetings and privacy purpose.

  • What is your take on ThinkSmart View from Lenovo?