TOP 5 SMARTWATCH, Of 2020 That Money Can Buy!


Top 5 Smartwatch

Here lies the very best classified as top 5 smartwatch one can always bet his or her money on, ranging from the stylish Apple Watch Series 5, through the powerhouse Samsung Galaxy Watch, and onto TAG Heuer Connected viewed as incredibly desired, however, this will exclude the do-everything Moto 360 smartwatch.

Weighing up the tech and hard work put together by these companies, it’s worth knowing they deserve the special ranking. Among these tech giants, it’s important to note there can be only one ‘best smartwatch’ and the best smartwatch in the world at the moment is the Apple Watch Series 5.

Apple has really worked hard in a bid to stand out, pulling perfect design with a perfect screen, coupled with a number of third-party apps and accessories that outclassed their rivals. However, most notable touch on this watch is the ‘always-on’ screen, enabling you to glance at the time without a notable show, and as well, show you how long you have been working out without moving your hand from the exercise equipment you’re using.

The superiority of Series 5 and its use gives a feel of old-fashion to anything that came before. Among the very best smartwatches, money can buy, we’ve decided to focus our analysis on top 5 smartwatch. Considering the always-on display which comes with a perfect screen, you are sure of a built-in compass, international emergency calling, and premium titanium model. The subject Apple Watch at the moment has the most developed platform coupled with the fact that it’s most attractive, and more technologically advanced than its competitors.

Meanwhile, let’s attend to each of these smartwatches, while for those that do not have an iPhone we advise you to go for a brilliant alternative.


Taking a look at Apple’s success, it’s evident Apple’s smartwatch is the only smartwatch that generates a tonne of interest not only from tech addicts but also from the general public. And this interest has greatly helped Apple’s smartwatch survive six generations, and unhelpful to its competitors.

Moving from there, we focus on the watch core area of outstanding performance, and that is health and fitness. Indeed, these life-saving features are the reason why people are ditching their traditional watches for an Apple Watch. Apple’s Watch is designed to monitor your heart rhythm and also suggest you see a doctor if it detects something irregular, it can as well call the emergency services notifying them you’ve fallen over while keeping you healthy by tracking your daily activities.

As for Apple Watch Series 5, it’s understood it comes in two size options which comfortably fit a majority of wrists. While at the moment, it’s the wearable that fits between the line of tech and fashion, practically a smartwatch with the best look. Every generation of Apple Watch has seen major improvements in perfecting the Watch. To start with, Series 2 added waterproofing and GPS, with Series 3 being improved with the addition of Cellular, designed to use data in the absence of your iPhone. Then Series 4 which saw an amazing new screen that stretches to the edge of the Watch, and lastly, Series 5, this time, it added more customization options which include titanium with an always-on display.

The subject wear has few negative sides, although the UI has been improved greatly and I trust you can figure out others, only for iPhone, but if you’re an Android Phone user, this guide will certainly tell you why Series 5 is number one in this year’s top 5 smartwatches. The cost of this watch is really on the high-side that is within the range of £399 to £1,399.


Top 5 Smartwatch

The best Android wear after Apple’s Watch is no other but the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2. The best smartwatch for Android user’s at the moment and indeed a very strong competitor which poses very powerful hardware.

This is a smartwatch with a gorgeous circular screen, parked with amazing functionalities that include the ability to take the ECG readings, Blood Pressure monitoring, not excluding water resistance including other functions. Although this wear lacks quality third party apps which the built-in apps prove sufficient. Also to note is the collection of the new information-filled face that gives it a modern edge and as such, we strongly recommend this wear.


The third on this list is surprisingly from the same family of Galaxy, it’s no other but the Samsung Galaxy Watch. Presently, this is the best smartwatch with battery life, a wear’s battery that will potentially last three to six days depending on the model, certainly a smartwear that will save you from those battery issues.

The subject SmartWare (Galaxy Watch) works with most Android smartphones including iPhones, though not perfect with the later and not as comfortable as Apple Watch when it comes to wearing it coupled with its apps and accessory.

The advantage of this watch practically outweigh the watch’s demerits, it’s more attractive than Galaxy Watch Active 2, while the Galaxy Watch’s rotating bezel is the innovation that differentiates the wear, however, it’s also packed with some nice fitness-tracking abilities.


Fossil is practically a sporty smartwatch for Android users’, currently on its fourth generation as the company continues to improve on every new feature. Considering the company’s effort, it’s currently viewed as the best Wear OS smartwatch that money can buy.

A premium smartwatch that features GPS, with an in-built Snapdragon Wear 3100 chips which offers largely improved experience over older smartwatches. The watch lightweight design runs Google’s Wear OS which offers a good number of watch faces and apps to choose from, giving it an edge over Samsung smartwatches as regards this option.

Looking at the unique features, it’s understood there aren’t much with the Sport but still one of the top 5 smartwatches in 2020, however, you should expect about two days of battery life from this smartwatch.


Top 5 Smartwatch

Last but not the least on this list is the TAG Heuer Connected, a good-looking smartwatch which appears as a traditional mechanical watch with sporty-looking case and a full circular screen. However, this is regarded as the best luxury wearable, its latest model was improved greatly with enhanced sports tracking, using a built-in heart-rate sensor and GPS.

The Connected practically feels ‘more-like’ than any other smartwatch you could try-out. This Connected spec is also a class above its Android Wear category and preferable to the most expensive Apple Watch variants, considered the only rival in the ‘luxe smartwatch’ ecosystem.

If you’re really in need of a luxury Android and most premium smartwatch, do not look elsewhere, because your perfect answer is the Tag Connected. It’s a watch with great tech beside Apple Watch.

What is your take on our top 5 smartwatch of 2020?