Tory Leaders' Campaign

Tory leaders’ campaign gets to countdown with a live debate on channel 4 television show last night and is equally understood the ballots aimed at eliminating candidates with the lowest number of votes. However, the candidates did clash while debating based on Brexit delivery.

Six of the contending candidates from a total of twelve (12) have declined, while the remaining six are campaigning. However, the absence of one of the contenders named ‘Boris Johnson’ was also observed yesternight, meaning he didn’t debate with the rest.

The argument of a no-deal Brexit and whether a new deal with the European Union could be renegotiated was debated.

The Former Foreign Secretary and Telegraph columnist ‘Boris Johnson’ is leading the poll currently but was under fire based on his absence in the Channel 4 live debate held yesternight. That became an issue of concern for a ‘Tory leaders’ campaign’, but was also understood one of the candidates that dropped out from campaign, ‘Matt Hancock’ has backed the leadership bid of Boris John.

Mr. Steward questioned over Boris Johnson’s failure to appear by saying, “Where is Boris?” and he also added, “if his team won’t allow him out with five fairly friendly colleagues, how is he going to deal with 27 European countries?”  

They were other comments from Tory leaders’ in the process of the campaign, ex-Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab in the process refused the chances of the best deal, as he said ”every time one of these candidates take an option away… we weaken our chances of getting the best deal.” Meanwhile, Rory Stewart showed his concern over Parliament proroguing with these words “deeply disturbing” option, however, Home Secretary Sajid Javid proved his concern as he warned, “you don’t deliver democracy by trashing our democracy”.  

Tory leaders’ campaign began at the stipulated date immediately after ‘Theresa May’ resignation, and each candidate has repeatedly asked their supporters for their vote. Meanwhile, ‘Theresa May’ remains the leader and in charge of the country until a new leader emerges.

The voting process which will lead to the final pair of two (2) begins tomorrow, consisting of one hundred and sixty thousand (160,000) Conservative Party members, the voting process will end 22ndJune and the winner will be declared after four (4) weeks.

Boris Johnson’s post on human rights could have been his leading source, when he said, “Standing up for human rights is not only the right thing, it also helps to create a safer, more prosperous and progressive world”. Tory leaders’ campaign manifesto deliver Brexit on the 31st October, becomes a huge question.

  • Would Tory leaders’ campaign impact positively on the masses or not?

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