TORY LEADERSHIP BATTLE, Countdown Comes Three!


Tory Leadership battle

Tory Leadership battle candidate continues as count down for the next Conservative leader mounts pressure on remaining candidates campaigning for the same position. The race for one of the Conservative Party members who will emerge new British Prime minister and leader of the Conservative has been in process ever since the outgoing British Prime minister ‘Theresa May’ announced her resignation.

As Tory Leadership battle continues, the contest continues to narrow down. Sajid Javid has been voted out, according to reports from this afternoon, 3:30pm, this saw Michael Gove move to the second position. It is equally understood, Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt are working hard on Sajid Javids vote so as to contest favorably against ‘Boris Johnson’.

Rory Stewart was voted out of Leadership race earlier, though he could go beyond that stage as one of ‘Theresa May’s’ cabinet, meanwhile, he has promised to vote for candidates that are left. Equally from reports, Mr. Stewart would have preferred ‘Boris Johnson’ pulled out of contest despite having more votes.

Meanwhile, Michael Gove had earlier insisted by saying “I do think I would be a better Prime minister than Boris Johnson “but” he has formidable qualities and he is a big part of the Conservative Party’s and the country’s future”. You would agree why Mr. Johnson has such number of votes.    

According to an analyst, Tory Leadership battle may result in Sajid Javid’s supporters’ team up with the rest in order to fight Boris John once two candidates are left. The vote for a new Prime minister will take place next month.

The result of votes according to each candidate are as follows, Michael Gove had 61 votes, while Jeremy Hunt and Sajid Javid had 59 and 34 votes respectively, however, Boris Johnson continue to lead with high margin, scoring 157 votes from overall of 313 votes.  

  • As all that has to do with Tory leadership battle unfold another drama, is Boris Johnson the next Prime minister?

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