TORY LEADERSHIP CHAOS, Due To Insufficient Ballot!


Tory Leadership Chaos

Tory leadership chaos arose prior to the Conservative Party election, this is based on the reports that hundreds of party members are yet to receive their ballot papers, while some that received, got two ballot papers. The leadership election descended into chaos based on the fact that prospective members would be unable to vote for their next party leader due to problems emanating from the party’s headquarters.

The leadership battle between the two ‘Boris Johnson’ and ‘Jeremy Hunt’ is at its apex stage, as both candidates were live on the ITV party leadership campaign debate. Membership issued at the party’s headquarters are faced with issues that have resulted to Tory leadership chaos, this came days after about one thousand voters were issued two ballot papers, and this meant they could vote twice, and as a result, have raised doubts over the legitimacy of the election.

 In a bid to work through the backlog, based on complaints, reports coming from a CCHQ staff stated that an Appeal Committee has been set up, which holds its meetings twice daily and also weekends. Mr. Hutchinson, who worked and retired in the financial institution, said he informed members’ details were lost when the party headquarter centralized its membership database. Another source of Tory leadership chaos, and added that “As a member, I am pretty pissed off. Not only have we been told we will not receive a ballot paper, but there is also the issue of the party losing members’ details, which is a major breach of new GDPR rules”.

It makes the legitimacy of the ballot very dodgy. How many more members have not got their ballot paper if the database is in such a mess?”

In another dimension, one of the party members ‘Kevin Edger’ twitted, “Waiting for my leadership ballot paper to arrive is getting a bit boring now. If I don’t get it urgently, I won’t have time to vote before I go away. Is this really how organized the @Conservatives are @BrandonLewis?”

It’s understood ITV debate made a dangerous truth about the future prime minister, in a blunt manner, not based on Tory leadership chaos, but what was not said that ITV didn’t ask.

The parliaments had declared climate ‘emergency’, and as such top of the government agenda, but the broadcaster failed to probe the leadership candidates at any point about climate catastrophe. However, an ITV spokesman said, “ITV has dedicated a lot of time to the important subject of climate change not just recently but also over the past twenty to thirty years. We will continue to do so in our news and current affairs output. It’s an important subject but no single debate programme can ever cover all important matters and allow time for proper debate”.  It’s understood, not all areas were covered during the debate held previously, but isn’t the cause of Tory leadership chaos.

  • Please, your take on what could change with Tory leadership chaos and ITV’s debate approach?

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