Tory Leadership contest

Tory leadership contest comes to two as the Conservative Party members, which consist of one hundred and sixty thousand members vote to choose a leader. However, this is seen as the final stage of the Conservative Party leadership election, where Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are meant to go head-to-head.

It is expected of any of these candidates scoring more than fifty percent (50%) will be declared the leader of the Party, meanwhile, this will only take effect after Mr. Johnson and Jeremy Hunt with their head-to-head events being hosted around the country. As pressure mount for the Tory leadership contest, candidates voiced their opinion.

In the process, ‘Boris Johnson’ delivered a keynote address, but prior to his presentation, a moderator made it clear of the party’s goal, the need for a prime minister that will deliver the party and deliver Brexit. Campaign manifesto for the Tory leadership contest began with contestant number one, Boris Johnson who began with the disappointing outcome of the national elections, whereby the Conservative Party scored nine percent (9%), a very disappointing result for a ruling party. Mr. Johnson said the first thing to do is to “get Brexit done and leave the European Union on October 31”.   

He also talked about the issue of the border, the ‘Backstop’ and borders with other European countries, also as the second point is to “take the thirty-nine billion (39 Billion) and put it in the state”. While one other reason he desires to be the next prime minister is to “bring the country together as he did bring London together” and to “level up educational funding around the United Kingdom”.

Lastly from Boris Johnson on Tory leadership contest, he assured the party of winning again, that the party will win. However, while answering a question from a moderator, he said he “very very reluctant to impose new taxis, disproportionately on lowincome earners but to make the street safe as he did in London”.

As Tory leadership contest continues, it’s understood there is a concern from the European Union, however, a senior source said, “Jean-Claude Juncker could stay on as president of the European Commission if there is a no-deal Brexit on October 31”. European Union measures, covering sectors from aviation to fishing, will cushion European economies but are only temporary in the absence of a withdrawal treaty or trade agreement with Britain. Also, the city of London would face “very damaging” job losses. A report from Brussels on a no-deal plan, designed is to “protect the vital interests of the European Union”.

  • What is your take on the Tory leadership contest with the EU?

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