TRADE ECOSYSTEM, Broader Step Into Maritime Trade!


Trade Ecosystem

Over the years, some of us will confirm we’ve somehow limited our areas of interest regarding this sphere within the axis of solid freights and their logistics process (the Bill of Lading, Freight Export, Import process, and more) but that will be taking a different dimension as we’re poised to dig deep into the maritime and trade ecosystem, hence, diversifying our knowledge in this sphere of global trade that promises more with the inclusion of ‘wet cargo’ or ‘wet freights’ otherwise energy business, freight routes, and emerging markets, which also promises to unfold developing stories within the axis of global maritime trade.

Looking at the current global recession that has led to serious inflation, it’s evident ignoring freight business irrespective of the nature (solid or wet) couldn’t be viewed differently other than shooting oneself in the foot. While noting that, as product demands continue to increase on every passing day, the flow and movement of freights from one location to their point of need become more complex. Hence, the need to be equipped with the right knowledge about shipping and freight handling is rather paramount.

“Whosoever commands the sea commands the trade; whosoever commands the trade of the world commands the riches of the world and consequently the world itself”.

One area that promises more than one could imagine is the ‘wet freight’ otherwise, energy business which ensures that we’re not restricted to just solid freights, this I trust you need to know like one of those issues of obvious interest. Owing to the fact that global energy business has over the years remained very lucrative and juicy which the world powers and economies have ensured they lean on. A sphere that is so broad in all dimensions which in the process one could figure out the reasons why top players in this sphere have ensured they stay on top.

Going forward, as countries along the sea routes and canals continue to enjoy the benefits of transit fees, maritime activities which include all other benefits, potential regions are also gearing to tap from this ecological sphere typically the ‘Northern Sea Route’ that has been covered with ice for decades is one area that is hoping to eat Egypt’s launch via the Arctic, the latter which promises a 15 days transit time of ships sailing from Asia to Europe instead of the traditional ‘Suez Canal Route’ that Egypt is currently enjoying its transit fees is really a game-changer, yet that is dependent on the pace at which the Arctic ice melts, although, icebreaker ships has been deployed greatly in the subject route that ends in November.

Hence, to ensure no stone is left unturned precisely about – trade ecosystem, freight deals that would cut across the globe will also be on our menu. Further on this, we will be noting what the economies are up to and the steps taking to ensure the maritime routes as well as the global navigation system remains eco-friendly and safe for all trade, in accordance with maritime and shipping policy.

It’s also important to note that one is expected to excel in this sphere since the world’s goods are shipped globally via this axis of maritime except airfreights which account for a very minimal percent compared with the former. Moreso, it will also interest you to know that hundreds of billions of dollars spent and generated through shipping and other maritime services has been the core source and the reason why the world economies have remained very rich.

At this juncture, one will agree to the fact that it’s time to cut your own cake if we must view multinational companies and the economies as entities that have had their fair share, and if my instinct is correct, it will be fair to argue that the CEO’s in this sphere are not from other planets, hence you could be the next wizard but until you totally understand the tricks behind freights and how things are done in this axis.  

Tell us how your thought about – trade ecosystem step?

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