Trade Extra: What’s Your ‘Plan B’ Towards Financial Target!


Trade Extra: What's Your 'Plan B'
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Judging by the current geopolitical uncertainties that have left experts notably within the axis of trade with lots of questions, with firms in this corridor of global supply chain and shippers burdened with the option to resolve the present riddle. However, this implies being innovative with ‘Plan B’ as an option in this trajectory that aims to circumvent the present trade and deepen financial concerns.

Ideally, a step in this trajectory should nonetheless be decisive and strategic in some proportion notably from an expert point of view, this is significant as it’s a way of drifting from the current concern while we’re yet braced with the new normal that is already gaining momentum other than fizzling out. The recent geopolitical package from the EU regarding a potential market over specific trade commodities, honestly, is yet another one and inclusion to the already existing trade riddle. In view of this, it has become necessary for firms, companies, and you specifically in this economic sphere to swiftly adopt a – ‘Plan B’ geared towards your respective financial targets.

As we seek to shape this context while noting that this is a continuation of our previous episode. However, going forward, it’s should be borne in mind that our focus practically revolves within the axis of market entry or alternate transit routes that aims to circumvent the current geopolitical uncertainties with the EU markets being most impacted despite close proximity with the core and well-to-do market that lies trade commodities. However, primary on our menu is – how shippers could potentially amass these merchants that are out there across geographies, which will, in turn, translate your respective financial targets through trade.

Other than relying on existing traditional markets, we advise freight firms to take a bold step into new markets that has a lot to offer, notably major commodities such as food, energy, metals, and fertilizer products, with the aforementioned duo being most impacted and sourced currently on a global scale, options are rather broadened across trade categories (wet & dry cargo). Now, how can we give our market entry the best shot it deserves in order to avoid the ugly side of financial impact least our trade attempts becomes a joke.


As the inflation rate continues to see its highs across geographies, food and energy companies across the globe notably in the EU are believed to be in desperate need of these products, and your firm could come in as an intermediary needed to deliver the aforementioned commodities to these companies without bridging the EU rules. Simply put, this is like a reversed process in going about this, basically, shipping from concerned and major markets like Russia for instance, you may have to ship these commodities to any of the BRIC member countries, and re-originate the freight from that market to the EU or even the U.S.

Alternatively, your firm can still originate any of these trade commodities from the major market and re-route any of these commodities via an alternate transit route, which implies taking a longer route that will incur more cost but then, you’ve been able to command the required trade volume needed for your financial goal and the freight is delivered to the consignees’ resident in those markets. Aside taking through the Baltic transit routes, why not ship to Iran or directly to China. If to Iran, have it shipped to India from Iran, then ship the subject trade through the Suez Canal transit route to Europe as freights originated from the subject market without violating any of the geopolitical concerns regarding trade by the EU.

Let’s say your job is to guide consignees accordingly as you seek your morning dew, however, as an expert in this sphere, whose primary function is to advise consignees (merchants) regarding viable markets. You might want to do things differently notably in the energy space owing to the fact that the continent of Africa should be your best bet. This means shipping wet cargo from Africa to Europe including other solid minerals as you race after your financial target, regardless of the current global crisis. This is certainly the essence of Trade Extra.

To wrap this submit, we urge that you take a bold step towards ‘Plan B’ if you haven’t done so yet bearing in mind that trade could prove further difficult judging by the current climate, which meant further financial burden that will most likely deepen except one is able to circumvent the current trade crisis.

  • Tell us about your ‘Plan B’ and we’ll guide you accordingly!