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Donald Trump

WHITE HOUSE: Donald Trump announced a deal to boost beef export to the European Union, which is seen as a huge breakthrough for American farmers. While addressing the house, he made it clear that the American government has been under negotiation for quite a while, that the beef farmers will be treated well.

At the White House, Trump was surrounded by trade official coupled with beef farmers representatives, congratulated them and stated clearly that American beef is considered the best in the world, however, he said: “The agreement we sign today will lower trade barriers in Europe and expand access for American farmers and ranchers”, based on the agreement, the beef export to the European Union is expected to increase by fortyix percent (46%) and over seven years, it will increase by another ninety percent (90%).

The first phase of the export is expected around one hundred and fifty million dollars ($150m) and will gain an increase of over 180%, representing $450m dollars. Donald Trump equally said, “This is a tremendous victory for American farmers, ranchers and of course, European consumers”.

As Trump announced the deal, he also reflected on trade negotiations with China, the impact of his administration towards farmers that have been affected by an ongoing trade war. Based on this, he said, “My administration is standing up for our farmers and ranchers like never before, we are protecting our farmers, we are doing it in many ways, we are including China”. And with the 2020 election ahead of him, he has recently decided to limit the economic and political damage that evolved from trade conflict. And it’s understood, his administration has also given details of $16billion package for farmers affected.

In his address at the White House, he also brought up European car tariff, though unexpected. As he said: “We are working on a deal where the European Union will agree to pay a 25% tariff on all Mercedes-Benz, BMW’s coming into our country, so we appreciate that”.

I’m only kidding”, understood that was a joke, and he continued while those in the house laughed. “They started to get a little bit worried. Thank you. Congratulations. Best beef in the world, thank you very much”.

Though it’s understood, tariffs on EU cars “are never off the table” a reporter said.

  • Since Trump announced deal on beef export, would he do the same with EU cars?

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