TRUMP’S TikTok BAN, Is Reportedly Delayed!


Trump's TikTok Ban

It eventually became the case that Trump’s TikTok ban could be delayed further as anticipated earlier. This comes as the U.S. federal court made it clear that the intended ban on the short video app would not take effect today as scheduled, giving Americans the opportunity to continue using TikTok as the court considers the ban’s legality.

It’s understood Washington claims the app poses risk to national security, which is contrary to China’s view,   Trump’s concern has always been TikTok’s parent company ByteDance, which he claimed Beijing could order to deliver users data to the Chinese government.

Just after the last episode which saw Oracle and Walmart pen down a deal with the subject app, its evident talks are still on-going, and as such, a repeat in kicking the can down the road should be expected. However, if one wasn’t concerned over the sprawling fight surrounding the rapid-growing social app in the U.S., we would’ve sat back and watched the drama unfold.  

The subject app’s company had first filed a lawsuit on the 18th of September, and on Thursday last week filed what was classified as a last-minute injunction aimed to prevent the intended ban from going into effect on Sunday night. Trump’s TikTok ban could’ve been effected based on the government earlier demand to reject the injunction in a sealed motion but was later re-filed by the government as a public motion with some redactions. But the whole story took a different dimension with a public hearing on the injunction the same Sunday morning.

The outcome of the ruling saw the court give its decision, after which, the formal opinion was exclusively handed over to the two opposing parties based on reports. Also to note is the sensitive material included in the government’s motion that requires that both parties would only from today being Monday ask for any redactions before the publication of the final opinion.

It’s believed a deal reached between the U.S. government and the app’s parent company – ByteDance could’ve resolved the challenges between the two parties, but contrary to that, it has resulted in disputed claims between ByteDance and the buyer Oracle. Washington had equally ordered that Tencent’s WeChat should be banned from American business, however, a federal magistrate judge in San Francisco put in place an injunction on the U.S. Commerce Department’s ban on WeChat, until further court deliberations.

Meanwhile, TikTok’s arguments that reflect those on the WeChat filing hoped it could see a similar outcome in its filings. Although, WeChat’s lawsuit was not filed by the company, rather, by a group of WeChat users who argued that a ban would hurt their expression of speech. TikTok on the other hand is only fighting the government in its capacity.

What is your take on Trump’s TikTok ban, since its obvious the fight isn’t over?