TrustedHousesitters SCORES €8.64M For U.S. Expansion!


TrustedHousesitters Scores
Image Credit: TrustedHousesitters

The world’s largest pet-sitting network TrustedHousesitters scores €8.64 million euro. However, it comes as the company made clear in today’s announcement that it has secured Series A funding which meant for a continued expansion into the U.S. market. While focusing on California as a key market, it’s noted that the latest capital injection from Rockpool Investments will be used by the company to grow its membership base.

Although the current pandemic would’ve posed a huge concern due to travel restrictions, instead, the Brighton-based company is rather braced with doubled revenue even at pre-pandemic levels.

It’s worth knowing as observed that the pandemic led to a massive increase in pet demand, notably across the globe. According to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association annual pet population reports, which made clear that about 3.2 million homes acquired a pet over lockdown that brought the total number of UK pets to 34 million. Consequently, the build-up in pet ownership has also led to people seeking a different approach to boarding pets in an environment that’s proven unfamiliar which could potentially lead to stress and separation anxiety specifically for pets and their owners.

Going forward, the subject startup which was founded in 2010 has at the moment facilitated over four million nights of pet sitting across 130 countries. In view of this, it should be known that TrustedHousesitters functions as a company that enables a value exchange between pet sitters and pet owners for an annual fee of 99 pounds. While ensuring owners have unlimited access to pet-sitting through a network of caring sitters that offer their services for a welcoming place to stay with regards to their unique travel lifestyles coupled with a shared love for pets.

Responding to the latest TrustedHousesitters scores, the company CEO ‘Mathew Prior’ explained per EU Startups:

“We are excited to grow our membership base in the United States and across the world and assure new and existing pet owners that they can travel without worry by knowing a verified sitter in caring for their animals as if they were their own. Adding that “Our sitters provide genuine one-to-one love and care in the conform of the pets’ home, so owners don’t have to worry about making their beloved pets feel anxious about being separated from their own familiar and safe environment”.

Consequently, as travel is returning back to normal and remote working on the other hand is enabling more people to become digital nomads, this has ensured the subject startup saw more than 30,000 new owner and sitter members since the start of this year.

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