Try Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro & You’ll Get Addicted To It!


Try Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro
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To be fair, Huawei has taken the bull by the horn, this time, a limb forward with its wearable variants. With this step, the brand is currently on the hot heels of the likes of Samsung and Fitbit notably with its newest wearable releases. To understand how it really feels on the wrist, try Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic Edition and you’ll be left wearing it as long as you can.

It should be borne in mind that, not only is the brand launching the first truly accurate blood pressure monitoring smartwatch – the Huawei Watch D – but the company is currently introducing amazing value for money fitness trackers (Watch Fit 2 and Band 7) and premium-looking smartwatches (Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic and Titanium Edition).

To be specific, the Watch GT 3 Pro and Watch Fit 2 specs feature the new TruSeen 5.0+ optical heart rate sensor that’s said to filter out noisy signals more efficiently than the previous editions. Both the fitness tracker coupled with smartwatch make use of the same technology, while the former uses fewer LEDs.

As for the GT 3 Pro, the brand builds on the foundation laid by the Watch GT 3 (to a level of degree, the Huawei Watch GT Runner) and comes in two watch cases (46mm and 43mm), with the smaller being available in an all-ceramic setup understood to be the first in smartwatches.

WATCH GT 3 Pro: Classy Ceramic

As mentioned earlier, the Watch GT 3 Pro actually comes in two sizes, the larger with a 46 mm watch case and the smaller model with a 43 mm watch case. But the exciting version is definitely the smaller model as it’s the first-ever all-ceramic smartwatch people can buy, yet not for cheap.

But do we really understand, when we say all-ceramic, of course, we meant: the most expensive model’s bezel, watch case and watch strap is made of ceramic material. Although the larger model also has a ceramic back, the latter features a titanium bezel, sapphire glass at the front coupled with different straps, including a fluoroelastomer and real leather option.

Features-wise, the Watch GT 3 Pro is parked with ECG, heart rate, and sleep tracking, in fact, all the smart notifications in the world, including music storage and a myriad of workout modes. The subject watch also has a unique feature – the ability to measure “arterial stiffness” to help you manage heart health better. However, the ECG and heart health features are not available in the EU market as Huawei is waiting for these to be approved by the EU. Be assured, that all hardware is ready and as soon as it has been approved, all extra features can be turned on via software update.

Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro is built with an IP68 and is water-rated to 5ATM, while the battery life of the Ceramic Edition is seven days. On the other hand, the Titanium is designed to last twice the Ceramic spec on one charge, in the meantime, there is no available information on GPS battery life.

Watch GT 3 Pro: Price and Availability

The Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic Edition is available from 8 June 2022 with pre-orders from 18 May through 7 June, price is from £429.99.

The Watch GT 3 Pro Titanium Edition is available from 30 May 2022 with a pre-order from 18 May through 29 May, price starts from £299.99.

Watch GT 3 Pro: Hands-on

Once you try Huawei Watch GT 3 Pro Ceramic Edition you’ll certainly get to figure out that it really feels cool. Indeed a unique sensation to wear a watch made of this material – to some degree, it practically feels like wearing a bracelet.

The smaller watch model’s face and the gold or sliver-like bezel make the Ceramic Edition more of famine; the technology is interesting but a bit of shame, one would suggest that it would have been better to position at least one ceramic as a unisex option. Although the larger version of the Watch GT 3 Pro has a more masculine titanium case and strap.

While we test the watch to see if the TruSeen 5.0+ delivers as expected since the previous version worked perfectly well, we can assume – hope, the updated version will provide at least as accurate readings as its predecessor.

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