TWITTER SET. To Include Labels And Warning Messages!


Twitter set

Twitter set to include labels and warning messages to tweets aimed at spreading disputed or misleading information about the coronavirus the social giant announced on Monday. The label is design to direct these users reading these misguided tweets to a Twitter-curated page or external resources that provides additional information and context with regards to claims being made in the tweet. While on the other hand, the warning will envelop the tweet while requesting for additional click in order to access the content.

Prior to the screenshots published by Twitter, it says some tweets could, on the other hand, be labeled with a warning message due to the tweet’s “propensity for harm” coupled with the content of misleading information the tweet presents. In a situation where people tend to advise via a tweet that directly conflicts with health experts’ guidance could practically see their tweets labeled with a warning with an informational link. And in the process, the tweet will automatically be enveloped with a warning that reads:

“Some or all of the content shared in this Tweet conflicts with guidance from public health experts regarding COVID-19. Learn more”.

Considering the screenshots published by Twitter, containing potential harmful and misleading information, it states it will be labeled with a link that reads “Get the fact about COVID-19”. However, the link will be preceded with an exclamation mark icon in a circular form aimed to draw the attention of those users.

Twitter set

Meanwhile, the company’s latest move (Twitter set to label…) is also an inclusion of the company’s expansion back in March which saw its definition of harm include content that directly contradicts the guidance from authoritative sources, consisting of local and global health information. Regarding the latest Twitter update, users of these tweets could possibly access the content of these misleading tweets by clicking the “View” button next to the warning.

The subject company had previously developed a system for labeling tweets containing synthetic and manipulated media, such as “deepfake” videos.

The latest, therefore, gives Twitter the permission to get rid of contents it believed could risk people’s health and well-being as well as the ability to include the “public interest notice” to tweets uploaded by world leaders that could practically mislead or violate COVID-19 guidelines.

This move is viewed as a rapid response from Twitter, otherwise, labels and warnings hurriedly deployed against COVID-19 misinformation, and also as a result of the spread of a new conspiracy video about COVID-19. Surprisingly, the video emerged from a well-known vaccine conspiracist, which discredited scientist as well as researchers, and has easily convinced a good number, resulting to its rapid spread across social media.

To ascertain the company’s readiness to respond to any video clip if they violate its rules, it on Friday said it would assess individual videos couple with the addition of a warning label to any tweets with links that point to the full video, but will not take down tweets with links since people use them when disputing the content. With this, Twitter said:

Our teams are using and improving on internal systems to proactively monitor content related to COVID-19. These systems help ensure we’re not amplifying Tweets with these warnings or labels and detecting the high-visibility content quickly. Additionally, we will continue to rely on trusted partners to identify content that is likely to result in offline harm. Given the dynamic situation, we will prioritize reviews and labeling of content that could lead to increased exposure or transmission”.

Be rest assured the system could be upgraded with the addition of new labels in the future.

With Twitter set to label misleading contents, I would ask of your opinion?