TWITTER TESTS NEW, Feature. That Prompt Users Read..!


Twitter test new

The high profile social giant Twitter tests new feature aimed to “promote informed discussion” that will potentially urge users to read tweets before they could retweet. The latest emerging from the company was described as a step designed to help people become more conscious of what they are sharing on their platform in a broader effort that will inspire what it calls “healthier conversations” on the platform.

The subject social network had previously introduced labels aimed at curbing false and harmful ‘reply’ such as racial post, coupled with wrong information about COVID-19 that is misleading from World Health Organization guidelines.

Meanwhile, the new feature that is being experimented wouldn’t stop a user from resharing a link before clicking to read it, but instead just suggesting that users might desire to while letting them flip or click through. While at the moment, the limited test feature will only be seen on a number of U.S.-based Android users.

Recently, there has been a growing concern among users of social networks and Twitter regarding misleading claims coupled with divisive conspiracy theories that have driven users apart. Although, some analysts claim misinformation is not the only issue that is bringing division among users. It’s also understood, polarization is an internally supported feature considering the way social platforms function, where sharing content that confirms already existing biases isn’t more than a single click away. However, the latest development (Twitter tests new…) is more or less a measure from Twitter working around with how it could practically slow down the process by urging users to take a minute and reflect. Should the new feature be fully enforced! It will help curb a lot. 

The idea behind this is to give users a chance to make their own choices rather than force them to do so coupled with its help to reshape emerging or actively harmful strains of behavior. This is why the new feature is aimed at urging users to slow down and read the content of the link they intend to share.

What is your take on Twitter’s latest (twitter tests new feature)?