TYPHOON YUTU. Is Yet Another Storm After Mangkhut!


Typhoon Yutu

Typhoon Yutu just made its landfall in the Philippines. This was just a few weeks of their recovery from a tropical storm, typhoon Mangkhut that left lives, homes and other properties destroyed. Mangkhut wreaked havoc with a landslide, which occurred within a shelter building used by illegal miners. Most people would not expect the opposite of typhoon yutu’s impact.

As typhoon yutu regained momentum after the Philippines was left battered, it proceeded to China. However, with China’s response, immediate evacuation of ten thousand (10,000) residence of Fujian province took effect yesterday 1st of November based on the reports.

Moving away from the latest development in China, we will be focusing more on the previous event of typhoon yutu in the Philippines.

The analysis here on typhoon yutu would be stretched, ranging from the initial impact of its landfall, havoc wrecked and rescue effort made so far on survivors of landslide and flooding caused by the storm.

Typhoon yutu made its initial landfall on Tuesday 30th September with heavy storms and rain. The Philippines is regarded as the world most disaster-prone country, located in the pacific ring of fire, frequently battered with about twenty (20) typhoons and storms each year, and has its spot at the arc of seismic faults around the pacific ocean where earthquakes and volcanic effects are common.

A powerful storm wreaked havoc in the northern Philippines, the successful evacuation helped to avert a repeat of death toll and destructions wrought by a powerful storm that occurred last month. According to officials, typhoon yutu slammed into Dinapigue town in the northeastern Isabela province at an early hour before dawn, with a sustained wind moving at 93 miles per hour and rapidly increased to 130 miles per hour.

This resulted in knocking down trees, power supply and roofs of small buildings were ripped off, but no casualties. More than ten thousand villagers moved to Northern provinces for safety before the storm made its landfall. Based on the fact that everyone is still scared, fearful of the mountains and river. Bearing in mind of previous deaths, where more than ninety villagers of Itogonm, died through a landslide from typhoon mangkhut.

Typhoon yutu left the residence with floods and from the heavy rain, a terrible landslide occurred with an increase in the death toll.

Typhoon Yutu

A massive landslide triggered by the typhoon yutu crashed down on two government buildings in the northern Philippines. Rescuers have pulled out four survivors with three bodies, while several were still missing. According to regional police superintendent “Rolando Nana”

Said at least 18 people are still missing from the landslide in the far-flung town of Natonin in mountain province”.

Disaster response officer Jennifer Pangket – “said there could be up to 24 people still trapped in the landslide”.

Considering the magnitude of the landslide and its effect on the buildings, Engineer Junel Emengga confirmed by saying – “it’s a massive landslide and boulders also came rolling down from the mountains. The buildings got demolished and entombed. They are gone”.

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