Unicorn Bitpanda & Lydia Join Forces To Offer Digital Asset!


Unicorn Bitpanda
Image Credit: Bitpanda Founders

Austria’s fintech unicorn Bitpanda and French’s mobile financial services super-app Lydia have reportedly joined forces to offer Lydia’s 5.5 million users access to investing in digital assets. In view of the latest, Lydia is integrated to use Bitpanda’s White Label Solution, a cutting-edge API-driven infrastructure that enables fintech players and traditional banks to offer their customers 24/7 access to investing. 

The unicorn startup was founded in 2014 by ‘Eric Demuth’, ‘Christian Trumme’, and ‘Paul Klanschek’ as a crypto-trading company in Vienna, and has over the years evolved into a leading investment platform while using digitized assets and blockchain technology to remove barriers to investing. However, as one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintech groups, Bitpanda currently has over 600 team members in addition to more than 3 million users.

As part of its offers, the fintech startup is also known as one that enables both first-time investors and investment professionals alike the opportunity to invest in a wide range of digital assets, which include cryptocurrencies, ETFs, stocks, and precious metals. As a result, the subject business recently entered the B2B2C market by launching its White Label Solution, which enables fintech companies, online platforms, and traditional banks to give their users access to secure and compliant trading.

In another dimension, French Lydia is believed to be a daily financial “supper-app”, used by over 5 million users, and a third of French which falls within the age range of 18 – 35-year-old. The platform offers an easy-to-use experience aimed at managing all aspects of financial life, ranging from current & shared accounts, instant bank transfers, express loans, and remunerated savings in addition to mobile payments to investments. Yet, a Paris-based company which was founded in 2013 by ‘Antoine Porte’ and ‘Cyril Chiche’ has been able to raise more than €140 million from foreign investors.

Consequently, Bitpanda’s service has been fully integrated with Lydia’s supper-app, and transactions are executed via the aforementioned unicorn platform. As a result, Lydia’s customers which are over 5.5 million will soon be able to invest in a wide range of digital assets ranging from cryptocurrencies to commission-free fractional stocks, from as little as €1. This meant to facilitate access to digital asset investing for all.

Bitpanda co-founder and CEO ‘Eric Demuth’ said: “At Bitpanda, we are firm believers in the innovative power of digital assets and blockchain technology. Our goal is to reimagine what it means to invest, by making simple, easy-to-use financial products for everyone. This is why we are delighted to partner with Lydia to offer a state-of-the-art trading experience to Lydia’s users through the Bitpanda White Label Solution. We are confident that this is just the beginning: we are committed to offering everyone investment options for any budget and risk appetite, at the tap of a button!”

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