UNITED KINGDOM, Could Break Up If Johnson Fails!


United Kingdom

News: The current government could break up the United Kingdom, however, this came as the new British Prime minister ‘Boris Johnson’ began his tour around the country in a bid to unite the countries. In the process his visits were scheduled in this order, weekend – north England, then on Monday ‘Scotland’, Tuesday ‘Wales’, and last – Northern Ireland.

Contrary to this, the new prime minister’s tour went the opposite, and it was reported, journalists were kept at a distance, his journey to Wales was eventually altered. This was viewed politically as an approach that could practically break up the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson’s speech has been weighed with that of ‘May’, Mr. Johnson talks the talk of uniting the kingdoms together despite Brexit delay, and also considered as the minister of the union. But, considering the previous government of ‘May’s’ “precious union” with Johnson’s “awesome foursome”, tours like this increase division that could break things apart.

Speaking of how ‘Boris Johnson’s tour went, his journey to Northern Ireland was no other but politically motivated, while his journey into Wales on Tuesday, where he cuddled a chicken and also saw Wales Labour first minister ‘Mark Drakeford’ in Cardiff, was seen as a trip to fulfill all righteousness. However, the byelection was equally another reason he paid such visit, scheduled to hold today.

With these factors, it’s understood his approach could break up the United Kingdom, and Wales should not be overlooked. Wales was the first country to join England before other countries that make up the United Kingdom, while modern Wales have endured the pains of Northern Ireland, but in a situation when the United Kingdom’s political and constitutional issues are to be discussed, Wales’s issue is often addressed last.

Howbeit, this could lead to disunity, and Welsh independence could potentially arise, and will rise faster if Brexit eventually leads to Scottish independence or Irish unification, in worse scenario both. One contributing factor to this is no other but Johnson attitudinal approach that has added flame to already burning mix. However, one should never undermine angry farmers that could suddenly out vulnerability make their own leader. Looking at what “Gilets Jaunes” did to Macron.

It was also predicted sometime in June by ‘Philip Rycroft’ a civil servant formerly in charge of Brexit department, who said: “The fact of Brexit poses a series of challenges at a practical, as well as an existential, level to the current governance of the United Kingdom”, also, “It seems clear that this and future UK government is going to have to devote considerable time and effort to reworking its policy towards the union”. And, lastly he added, “Our sense of social cohesion, indeed the very cohesion of the United Kingdom, will depend on it”.

  • But could this breakup United Kingdom?

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