VC Yellow, From Glovo Founders, Kicks Off With €30M Pre-seed


VC Yellow

A newly incepted investments firm for the European markets, VC Yellow, has reportedly kicked off with a €30 million fund dedicated to pre-seed investments in Europe. The firm was launched by founders of Glovo, ‘Adam Lasri’ a former investor at the international Venture Capital firm Atomico, ‘Sacha Michaud’ and ‘Oscar Pierre’.

Being a Europe-focused VC, it is believed Yellow’s ambition extends across Europe, with a strong emphasis on France and South Europe. However, the fund’s scope isn’t limited to any specific industries and is considered in both B2C and BCB ventures. In an attempt to actively collaborate with other European VC funds supporting similar ventures, Yellow aims to invest tickets from €200k to €500k in pre-seed rounds by trying not to take a lead position.

Thanks to its expertise and network, the subject VC is poised to help founders in their expansion into the aforementioned EU markets (notably Italy, Spain, and Portugal), which have historically been underserved by Venture Capital support. Unlocking some of the key challenges of expanding business in the subject region includes talent support, navigating regulatory landscapes coupled with facilitating introductions to larger enterprises.

Given this, VC Yellow raised from various prominent family business entrepreneurs from Southern Europe also received the backing of several founders of successful European tech companies that include over 12 unicorn founders.

Judging by the challenging global fundraising environment, the initiation of Yellow was met with strong investor interest which led to Yellow closing 100% of the fund within just a few weeks of fundraising. Also in addition, it’s worth noting that VC Yellow has already made two stealth investments in the past month by supporting ventures in Barcelona and Paris.

“It is great to collaborate with both Oscar and Sacha. We have known each other for years and I have seen firsthand how supportive and engaged they have been with the more than 30 founders they have backed over the last few years. We now have joined forces to formalize that commitment through Yellow, and we are excited that the kick-off of the fund has been met with overwhelming interest by investors. With me based in France and Oscar and Sacha’s strong ties to not just Spain, but also across Italy and Portugal, we see Yellow well positioned to support founders from the region and those looking to expand there and help unlock the region’s full potential. Together, we bring practical advice for founders around scaling and expanding as well as professional investment expertise to help them navigate the wider European VC landscape”, ‘Adam Lasri’ ex-Atomico investor and co-founder of Yellow.

Having established its presence in Paris and Barcelona, Yellow is completed by professional investor ‘Victor Navarro’ who spent the last few years covering Southern Europe for Spain-based fund KFund and is based in Barcelona to be joined by team members in Paris. However, for ‘Oscar Pierre’ and ‘Sacha Michaud’, VC Yellow is a personal project and a continuation of their business angel investments over the last four years even as they continue to be fully committed to their executive roles at Glovo.

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