Yahoo Mail Latest Version

Yahoo Mail latest version precisely updated for its users mobile platform, with the new version sectionalized for iOS and Android app. The tech and internet giant’s team claim they are focusing more on consumer email use while solving people’s business need.

The Senior Director of Product Management ‘Josh Jacobson’ while responding to the development said that Yahoo Mail is precisely focusing on doing things in a very different way from the Superhumans of the world, noting that it’s not one of the many apps that “solve for essentially corporate use cases”. Instead, the company is “completely focused on the consumer email use case, solving the business of your life”.

It is understood most people may or may not have used Yahoo Mail for a long time, but, reports from ‘Josh Jacobson’ proved its productivity, that it is one of the top productive apps in the Apple App Store, and also, has been rated 2.1 million times, with an average star rating of 4.6.

From the time Jacobson joined Yahoo, he made it clear that he joined Yahoo when the company acquired his previous company – the smart inbox service ‘Xobni’. Noting at that time, most people have this notion that when it comes to helping users find things in email, “search is the way to go”.

According to Josh, it eventually turned out “people just don’t know or what to have to figure out what to type into that imposing white box to find the thing that they are looking for”. But at the moment, Yahoo Mail is offering a number of different views that will practically help you find things without searching, by focusing on specific content from your mail inbox.

Yahoo Mail latest version equally has a view that will enable users to check their email subscriptions, and also with a button that will allow users to unsubscribe from any of the services with just a tap. Another unique feature that was added is the iOS view, which focuses on “active updates”, and also a time-sensitive email that functions as travel updates and package tracking.

If you are in your mail inbox, and you are searching for a specific file or photo that was sent to you by someone else, a view that brings up all attachments that will practically guide you in locating such a file. While on the other hand, searching for deals could be done via three different views – the overall Deal View, another that shows you nearby deal with the aid of a map known as iOS-only Location View and Grocery View (showing you grocery discounts and function based on your loyalty cards).

Note, deals do not come from Yahoo, rather from your inbox as the app is sorting and prioritizing offers.

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