YANDEX AUTONOMOUS, Delivery Robot Test Takes Effect!


Yandex Autonomous

RUSSIA: Yandex autonomous test is the latest from the company’s self-driving technology also viewed as an expansion in its autonomous ambition. The Moscow-based internet giant known as Russian Google yesterday announced that its self-driving unit that is responsible for developing, testing, coupled with the task of deploying its driverless vehicles is piloting a delivery robot that is capable of delivering small packages autonomously, called Yandex.Rover.

The delivery robot test began on Thursday, which saw the subject name after the space exploration device, the Yandex. Rover, an addition to its technological arsenal. It has the shape of a cabin suitcase-size and a robot with the navigating functionality of human walking pace via pavements.

The Yandex autonomous delivery robot is a six-wheeled rover that moves at the speed of a pedestrian, capable of navigating around obstacles in all weather conditions, day or night. However, in the geographical area where it’s been deployed, over seven thousand (7,000-person) Yandex headquarters in Moscow, the company claims its activities are monitored by a remote operator.

The company also stated that, once the technology is perfected, Yandex will consider selling robots to other companies, which will be deployed also in the company’s warehouses. In addition, ‘Dmitry Polishchuk’ Yandex’s head of driving added that adapting existing technologies helped in the fast development of this prototype, and hopeful about its long term use.

In the same vein, Polishchuk said: “I believe robots like this will have a variety of applications in the near future, adding that, they could become indispensable for the ‘last mile’ stage of logistics”.

Before it will be officially released to the public, the Russian search and service giant expects that the delivery robot will deliver food as part of its Yandex.Eats platform, as well as groceries from Yandex.Lavka. The robot might make its way into Yandex’s e-commerce warehouses and datacenters to transport goods. The company also wrote on its blog – with regards to the new Yandex autonomous robot,

Similar to the way we initially only offered self-driving car rides to Yandex employees, we are first using [the rover] with Yandex team members to ensure our delivery robot is as safe, reliable, and user-friendly as possible. In the future, we envision Yandex.Rover automating last-mile delivery for millions of Yandex users, presenting an efficient and economical way to deliver goods from relevant services throughout our ecosystem”.

All this meant robotic wars in logistics and human services.

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