YouTube Gives Creators, More Options To Make Money


YouTube gives creators

A new development shows how YouTube gives creators diverse ways of generating more income, by engaging their fans with what they have created. This was announced some days ago at the VidCom event held in Anaheim, California. Last year’s event saw YouTube launch new products such as merchandise shelves, channel memberships, premieres, and more. Currently, the company has decided to expand a good number of those existing options with new features coupled with the introduction of new products like Learning Playlists and Super Stickers, while the former aims to promote the educational use of YouTube. Meanwhile, Super Stickers is the product that complements its existing monetization tool, Super Chat.

Speaking of how YouTube gives creators more ways, since the launch of Super Chat, in January 2017, it’s been noted the subject YouTube feature allows fans to pay in order to make their message stand out during live stream or premiere. Now, YouTube claims Super Chat is currently the number one revenue stream which cuts across twenty thousand channels, with a 65% yearly increase. Statistics indicate more than ninety thousand (90,000) channels have made use of Super Chat to date, to be launched in the next couple of months, with this, fans will be able to purchase these new features of animated stickers during live streams and premieres, so as to show creators how much they appreciate their content.

Another point here is the idea, as Super Stickers is understood to be inspired by gaming sites like cheermotes and Twitch’s Bits emotes, in the process introduce animated stickers into chat which support video creators, while the YouTube Super Stickers will potentially offer different feel-and –look, across different categories and languages, in other aspects of life such as sports, gaming, fashion, and beauty, music and lot’s more, and with this, one could see reasons why the tech company YouTube gives creators more access to generate revenue.

At the moment, a Channel Membership subscription can be accessed by fans with $4.99 in order to get unique badges, current emojis, a shout-out or extra videos, and exclusive live streams, the latest development indicates YouTube’s introduction of membership change. And this comes with levels, whereby creators can set up to five different price points for membership, a member with its own set of perks.

The feature from our headline ‘YouTube gives creators’, based on source has been tested by selected account owners on YouTube, like the Fine Brothers Entertainment on their REACT channel, according to YouTube, in the process, their channel membership revenue was multiplied by six times after they rolled out two more expensive pricing tier. And not only that, the tech giant ‘YouTube’ is currently expanding its Merch shelf feature, previously launched at VidCon 2018. Meanwhile, its debut partner Teespring enabled creators to sell merchandise such as hats, t-shirts, phone cases coupled with other things, with YouTube taking a small commission on the sale, while the bulk went to the creators themselves.

At the time of this writeup, it’s understood the Merch shelf has gained numerous partners, such as DFTBA, Crowdmade, Fanjoy, also Rooster Teeth, and Represent. YouTube also claimed “thousands” of channels have almost gained triple their revenue since Merch Shelf, Channel membership, and Super Chat were launched.

Lastly, and at the moment, YouTube is under scrutiny over a number of its practices which include the gaming of its recommendation system, coupled with its role in creating a pedophilia wormhole and other violations, such as extreme content, parent exploiting their kids for money, issues on its policies “free speech” and hate speech including others.     

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