YouTube PERMITS, Creators To Monetize COVID-19 Videos!


YouTube Permits

Finally, YouTube permits creators to monetize videos regarding COVID-19 pandemic, a change of policy which previously prevented advertisers’ form being associated with videos relating to things like mass shootings, armed conflicts, terrorists’ act and global health crisis – such as coronavirus. Areas that YouTube’s advertising guidelines previously prevented monetization of videos it classified as “sensitive events” policy.

According to reports, the company is changing the policy that will allow some creators to monetize videos regarding COVID-19. While on the other hand, there are concerns from the creators’ community, being that it wasn’t happy over YouTube’s decision to monetize videos featuring discussions of COVID-19.

Looking at this from an economic point of view, it was figured out that, YouTube hindering creators from profiting from videos regarding COVID-19 could potentially impact negatively on information, newsworthy videos coupled with those capitalizing on people’s fears and human tragedy about the current pandemic. Since this will obviously be the core areas news organizations will be covering, the ban on monetization would result in no revenue from their videos.

The subject virus (COVID-19) as we know is the cousin of SARS and MERS, and a family member of coronavirus that has declared itself a pandemic before WHO could figure out its destructive tendencies. At the moment, there are confirmed cases of this deadly virus in all the continents of the world. Sadly, confirmed cases outside China where the epidemic originated have surpassed the entire cases in China with the United States currently faced with over 4,550 cases and expected to increase despite measures.

In response to YouTube’s permission, the company CEO ‘Susan Wojcicki’ explained the company’s decision to re-open the monetization of videos that has to do with a health crisis. Adding that, the sensitive event policy was designed to apply to short-term events with significant effect, such as a natural disaster. However, she specifically stated in her analysis:

It’s becoming clear this issue is now an ongoing and important part of everyday conversation, and we want to make sure news organizations and creators can continue producing quality videos in a sustainable way”.

To ascertain creators’ compliance, the Self Certification system which is an online dashboard is an interface used by creators to tell YouTube whether or not their videos adhere to the advertizing rules ahead of YouTube’s automated review. But funny enough, the system does not prevent creators from publishing misinformation in their videos while labeling the video as advertiser-friendly.

Currently, there is a limitation as regards the number of channels that will be enabled by YouTube, based on this “a limited number of channels” which will include those belonging to news partners and creators pointing at “who accurately self-certify”.

YouTube permission is one thing, while on the other hand, there are concerns over misinformation circulating across social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and so on. Some have uploaded WHO’s Director’s declaration as an epidemic when the body has declared COVID-19 a pandemic.

  • What is your take as YouTube permits the monetization of COVID-19 videos?